I am "InterplanetaryGuy" on Soundcloud. My music focuses mainly on classical, jazz, electronic, trance/synth vibes. I find myself using a lot of piano, bass/pads, marimba and kalimba.

I'm elated to say my music has been featured on SFIA:

Distant Voyager on Synthetic Safari

This is the unofficial project name for the compilation I've recently thrown onto SoundCloud of my music projects over the last two to three years.

Whenever I make music (usually on SoundTrap, sometimes using Ableton 10) , I usually run with a cool idea or sound I want to make, a challenge to myself in terms of chord progressions or complexity, or a story I want to tell. 99% of the time the name of the song is something I come up with completely randomly (with the noted exception of when people who matter to me suggest piece names!). I'm grateful to my teachers, and my mom and dad growing up; they helped me to not just develop skills playing playing piano, but really develop my own love for music, and encouraged my specific direction in music development.

All the art was generated using NovelAI with euler_ancestral method, with a few general keywords standardized to every song (e.g. "high resolution, masterpiece, beautiful, complex, sophisticated, futuristic") , and with the most emphasized keyword being the name of the song itself.

Generating the AI art recently was a very interesting adventure. I was afraid my vision of what cover art for each of the pieces would be wouldn't line up with what was generated, but was very pleasantly surprised. In most instances, I threw in the song name as the main emphasized keyword, around 2-8 additional supplemental terms to help generation. This produced insanely beautiful and sophisticated art within 2-20 images generated, that completely lined up with or exceeded my vision. On NovelAI the time to generate each image was only a few seconds, meaning within an hour I had an entire album of art for nearly 20 songs that fit my dream. This was insane.