Cool Sites <---- Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur. He inspired a lot of my specific interest in futurism. I have composed background music for his channel, primarily "Distant Voyager" and "Columbia's Sails" but more of my work may be used later. <---- I have uploaded some of my favorite random music projects onto here. Should be free to download and use as you want, just give proper credit please. <---- My father's non-profit. This is not an advertisement or otherwise, his work is just great and I appreciate it. <---- My father's band; he is the percussionist. Broken Walls is a Native Rock/World band touring internationally. <---- A calculator/simulator giving easy insight on the comfort level of rotational gravity. <---- Takes your image and generates cool ASCII art <---- This free 3D graphing tool is sick, I used it to extract data from Kerbal Space Program about a spacecraft's 3D velocity and get visual representation of its movement over timesteps. <---- Kind of a rough generator of ML based melodies. <---- A system that can be used to create voxelized 3D models from .stls. These can then be exported to a massive range of filetypes for various applications, from Minecraft build plans to .stl again for 3D printability. <---- The NASA Technical Reports Server! Anything on the edge of research and innovation in aerospace, biomed, etc. is here and free to download. <---- A useful tool for looking at optimal interplanetary transfers (hohmann usually) based on your parameters. Also works great for NEO's, etc. <---- Launch Vehicle Performance Calculator. If you wonder how much X rocket launching from Y launch site can deliver to Z orbit or intercept... this is your tool. It also simulates custom rocket's properties that aren't in the drop down. <---- An insightful and easy to read site on basic spacecraft design thought-process and principles. <---- A searchable database of satellites; pretty extensive. <---- A tool to upload and reduce the polygons of any 3D model in .stl format. Useful for reducing filesize in some applications. <---- An estimation tool for calories burned during hiking. <---- Light pollution map for astronomy. <---- I sure hope this list of directly imaged exoplanets expands and features better images over the next few decades! There are some interesting white papers out there on advanced exoplanet direct imaging techniques. <---- Generate a cool-looking 3D printable lithophane from any image. <---- Similar to Conway's Game of Life scoped up to an insane level, this is a kind of ML-centric cellular automata simulation downloadable for free.